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Peterborough 2014

In recent years, Peterborough has always been the ‘second biggest’ Land Rover show in the world but, in our experience, that is no longer the case and Peterborough is now King !

Mitch says:

“Being a couple of days shorter than Billing definitely has it’s pro’s and con’s but when you are the only member of FCX sleeping in a tent, I was thankful to have one less night to stay”

“As you can see, from the limited amount of pictures we had time to take, it was a very busy weekend and the weather was perfect enabling us to keep the doors open of the FCX 90 demonstrator allowing many to see the ‘BEST’ custom interior of the show”


At FCX, we know that the majority of Defender owners, who want to enhance their vehicle, aren’t in a position, or simply don’t want to, trade it in for a brand new one to achieve that custom interior and so we’ve developed products that you can simply buy online and install yourselves.

Be it a whole dash and full leather seats or just your cubby lid padded and re-trimmed to add that touch of class and comfort – our motto ‘the journey starts with leather door handles’ really does say it all.

Our range of products for the Defender aren’t just about comfort, we have many ‘practical’ products to including our unique ‘Radiobox’ featuring a ‘glideaway lid’

With Christmas coming up, our range of ‘Defender Outfitters’ apparel including our new ‘Defender Surf’ T shirt and a range of affordable Defender model kits will really appeal to the Defender enthusiast young and old !


An exciting time at FCX! So as usual don’t forget to keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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