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Back from Billing for a week or so now. The show went really well (as it usually does) but what really surprised us was how well the 'apparel' side of FCX is taking off ! I really do think that the 'FCX' brand is beginning to be recognised and there was quite literally a 'clamour' for the new 'Defender Outfitters' t-shirt design with two sizes selling out on the first day and the balance gone by the close of the show - OK, it was only 30 t shirts but for a brand new design we were really chuffed ! Equally exciting was the sell out of the 90 and 110 model kits on Friday - We had 20 each of those. New stock will be with us shortly along with a few other 'goodies' Our most exciting news this week though is the BRAND NEW website is nearing completion ! We've taken onboard feedback from users of our existing website and the new one offers, amongst other features, multiple images of each item with a 'zoom' function, an 'Ask Oscar' button and an International carriage calculator (particularly helpful as we sent an FCX Radiobox to Australia yesterday) Thank you for reading our ramblings and please 'like' our Facebook page (currently 1079 likes) for up to date news


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