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Redbooster Servo Clutch kit

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We are very pleased to add to the Defender Outfitters range the Red Booster servo clutch kit. 

For those that don't know, this kit has everything included (except Clutch fluid) to allow the 'home mechanic' to fit servo assistance to the Defender clutch, making operation of the clutch quite literally child's play. 

For those of us suffering from bad backs, knees, hips etc. this kit makes the clutch operation feather light. 

Installation is certainly within the realms of a home mechanic with minimal tools but for those that prefer we estimate that an average garage would easily complete this installation within a day. 

We fitted a kit to our Trayback TD5 with no prior knowledge of the kit in 5 hours start to finish and that included cups of tea  

Very basically, the existing clutch cylinder (above the clutch pedal under the bonnet) is removed from the vehicle (a nut and bolt job), and the new bracket assembly is fitted in it's place (everything uses existing holes - there are no holes to be drilled at all). 

Dependant on the vehicle engine (the kits are available for 200TDi, 300TDi, TD5 and both 2.4 and 2.2 Pumas) the expansion bottle has to be relocated (again brackets etc are all supplied) 

The original clutch cylinder is then refitted to the end of the servo (a pair of circlip pliers would be useful here but can be done without, as we did, with a small screw driver) 

An additional vacuum tank is included in the kit and that fits neatly in the engine bay using supplied brackets (again no holes to be drilled), this is piped up with push fit hose, again, an easy operation. 

Finally the clutch has to be bled, easier with two people and the one part (on a Puma) where care must be taken not to damage the concentric slave - however there are plenty of Youtube videos available



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